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How to Find the Best Quality ATV Quad Bike Tyres in Australia

How to Find the Best Quality ATV Quad Bike Tyres in Australia - GEO Tyres Online

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) tyres are some of the most superior commodities nowadays. New ATV tyres are exciting if they can change your four-wheeler machine positively. You want replacement tyres that provide a dynamic look as opposed to a mean appearance. If you’re an off-road sporting enthusiast, it is important that you understand what makes good tyres for a quad bike. Now, the big question is, how do you pick the most suitable ATV Tyres for your particular needs in Australia? Read on to find out.

  1. Check the ply rating

A higher ply rating translates to high durability and toughness and the opposite is true. Many ATV tyres are 4 and 6 ply with excellent durability vs. weight ratio. Particular racing applications require 2 ply tyres while others require 12 ply tyres. ATV Tyres rated beyond 8 ply are heavy duty and are perfect for high-power quad bikes and for rough road racing. 

  1. What size is your machine’s model?

As far as size is concerned, three aspects matter the most: the side-wall height, width, and the entire height. It is recommended that ATV tyres remain almost equal heights and widths to the original size. The idea is to strike a balance between the new tyres and the original machine. Be careful not to choose too small a diameter because it can reduce the speed of the ATV and put pressure on certain parts of the automotive such as the axles and the engine. On the other side, an ATV tyre that is too wide reduces the braking capacity by raising the extent of rolling mass.

  1. Your budget

Before you select a particular ATV tyre brand, determine first the amount of money you are willing to spend. The price of ATV Tyres in Australia is dependent on the design as well as the size. However, the cost should be your last limiting factor if durability and quality are your priorities. Choose the toughest and refuse to settle for less than your quad bike deserves. 

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