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Browse our range of tyres available for major golf cart manufacturers such as EZ Go, Yamaha, Club Car and many more! Various tread design options available.

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Welcome to our selection of golf cart tyres meticulously crafted for superior performance on the course. Designed specifically for golf buggies and golf carts, these tyres ensure optimal traction and durability. Whether you're navigating the fairways or cruising around the course, our range guarantees stability and reliability. We offer options compatible with major golf cart manufacturers such as EZ Go, Yamaha, Club Car, and more! From standard golf cart tyres to specialised options for golf buggies, our collection is engineered to enhance your golfing experience by providing the necessary grip and stability for an enjoyable ride.

Compatibility with Leading Golf Cart Manufacturers

Discover tyres tailored to fit popular golf cart brands such as EZ Go, Yamaha, Club Car, and more. Our range ensures compatibility with specific models from these manufacturers, offering stability and reliability for an enhanced golfing experience.

Versatile Size Options for Perfect Fit

Explore a range of tyre sizes including 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch to match various rim specifications. Our diverse size options guarantee the perfect fit for different carts and buggies, allowing you to select the ideal tyre size tailored to your equipment.

Trusted Brands for Optimal Performance

Choose from renowned brands like Kenda, Wanda, and Bushmate, known for their superior traction and durability. These trusted brands assure optimal performance and stability, enhancing your golfing sessions on the course.

Complementary Tubes for Enhanced Support

Explore our collection of golf cart tubes specifically designed to match and improve tyre performance. From replacements to additional support, our tubes complement the tyres, ensuring durability and reliability for your golfing equipment.

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