110/90-19 C18 Super Light Green Mitas Rear Tyre

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The C18 Eagle Super Light (Green Band) has a special tread compound with nanofiber construction that allows the tyre to flex without tearing knobs, making it suitable for extreme Enduro.

The C18 Eagle Super Light (Green Band) has a lighter carcass (1 textile ply less) than the C18 Eagle Super (Yellow Band).

Excellent grip on wet roots and rocky terrain. Slightly shorter life span than C18 Red and Yellow band tyre.

There are three versions of the C18 Eagle rear MX tyre. They all have the same tread pattern but differ in the weight and compound used.

Red Band: Motocross type tyre, standard compound; 3 textile ply layers.

Yellow Band: Enduro tread compound, softer than the Red Band; 4 textile ply layers; suitable for a wider range of terrain.

Green Band: Special tread compound with Kevlar nano-fibers; suitable for extreme enduro; lighter carcass (1 textile ply less) than the Yellow Band; excellent grip on difficult terrain.


Road Legal: Yes

FIM Approved: Yes

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