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How Do I Know If I Have a Tube or Tubeless Tyre?

How do I know if I have a tube or tubeless tyre? - GEO Tyres Online

If you are replacing the tyre on your wheelbarrow, ATV, ride-on mower, mobility scooter, forklift, skid steer or some other machine, chances are you will need to know how to tell if a tyre tube is also required.

You may not know how to tell if you have a tubeless tyre or if you need a tyre and tube, but it is easy to find out once you know how.

The easiest way to check is by looking at the side of your current tyre. All tyres will have this information stamped on the side where it will say either Tubeless or Tube Type.

 Tubeless Tyre

Tube Type Tyre

Just to confuse you a bit, do take note, however, that if you have Tubeless stamped on the side of the tyre, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t any tube fitted. Often people will use a tubeless tyre on a rim that requires a tube – meaning the rim could be a two-piece rim that bolts together or the rim is not designed to hold air without a tube.

To make double sure, you can deflate the tyre completely and check what the valve does. If it stays in the valve hole location, you have a tubeless tyre but if the valve falls inside the hole into the tyre, then you have a tube fitted. Alternatively, if you can push the bead of the tyre out of the way, you may be able to check inside the tyre to see if there is a tube inside it.

Tube Type Tyre Valve

Tube Type Tyre 

Tubeless Tyre Valve

Tubeless Tyre

If you’re still stuck and can’t seem to tell if you need a tyre and tube or just a tyre, feel free to get in contact with us and we will be glad to help.


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